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Coaching | One on one.

Just as athletes need coaches to be the best in their chosen sport, there are individuals who need a coach to help them focus on their gifts, talents, and strengths. Adrianne is a coach and catalyst for change. Each client is unique, creative and an expert of their life. My role as your Coach is to partner with you in:

  • Discovering, clarifying and aligning what you want to achieve

  • Encouraging and supporting self-discovery to generate solutions and strategies in a safe confidential space without judgment

  • Holding you accountable each step of the way towards reaching your goals

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Capacity Building | Not for Profits & Entrepreneurs. 

 The ultimate goal of capacity building is to create safe and productive communities where people can work, live, play, and develop their potential. Blue Lotus Consulting LLC provides capacity building services based on the Nonprofit LifesCycles Institute model to partner with organizations to improve performance via:


  • Assisting with self-assessments and evaluation as well as providing recommendations for improvement

  • Providing professional development training for staff, board members and others in leadership positions

  • Selecting and designing appropriate strategies based on community needs through a new set of lenses 

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Workshops & Seminars

Please contact us for more information about a tailored workshop or seminar for your organization.


Coaching | Highlights & Achievements.

2017 - CURRENT

Coaching and Consulting Provided to Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs,  Not for Profits and Individuals in the Essentials.  Facilitate an annual growth alliance in grant writing, administration and transitional leadership coaching that includes group work and one-on-one business consulting





Train TRIO directors & staff in innovative, engaging and effective ways to improve reporting of student and project performance, and evaluation of project performance in order to design and operate a model project




Started her career in higher education in academic student services for low-income, first generational and at-risk students. Developed summer enrichment programming, served on various campus wide committees instituting effective policy & procedures relating to accreditation, and lead grant administrator and university liaison to state as well as federal agencies. Served as a reviewer for the U.S. Department of Education 

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